Finished wood base lanterns will vary slightly in size but be approx. 3.5W x 3.5D x 5.75H inches.


Engraved text is more on prominent on lighter color woods with less grain variation than on woods of daker color and a high grain variation. See our sample images for ideas. However, the beauty of the wood speaks for itself and no matter what wood species is chosen you'll be sure to receive a beautiful artisan style custom made lantern.


Handle: Brushed Nickel



Additional Info Precaution:


To practice safe lighting measures for this glass lantern we highly recommend using a flex lighter. We offer the Zippo flex lighter which can be added to your purchase if desired.

Glass Lantern

Bible Verse Engraving
Wood Options
Name or Special Engraving on Rear of Lantern
  • Each lantern base comes with an oil finish. For proper maintenance dust with a dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth. Over the years the oil finish may disipate giving the candle holder a more aged appearance. However, if the original sheen is desired simply apply a single coat of oil (Such as Watco Danish Oil) using a dry cloth to bring it back to its original sheen. Follow manufacturers instructions for proper application.

Zippo's USB Rechargeable Flex Neck Lighter


Lantern Fuel Refill Bottle


Firefly Lantern Fuel


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