Bibl Satchel

Bible Satchel Symbolic meaning...

To always keep the Word of God at your very side as your constant source of knowledge and defense.

Walking Stick

Walking Stick Symbolic meaning...

To walk in His Way and stand firm on His Word never wavering from His Truth.

Biblical Lanterns

The Lantern Symbolic meaning...

To always be ready in expectation for the return of the Lord while remaining light to the world.

Trinity Candle.png

Trinity Candle Symbolic Meaning...

All glory and honor to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle Symbolic meaning...

The good news has come, shout for joy, our Lord is born, the first NOEL.

Leather Bible Cover.png

Leather Bible Cover Symbolic meaning...

The leather cover represents you and I as treating God's Word as precious and by His Word he covers us in His love.

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